Jura and an authentic decision

Florian Peters graduated in international law at the University of Regensburg and Lyon in 2003. Against rigid advice from his grandmother, he left everything behind and moved into an old castle, practicing piano during the day and working at a cafe at night. Since then he built up an incredible music and coaching career and now owns his own seminar centre holding workshops and life coachings in all areas, mainly relationships and business. He lives an awesome, free life. That’s the short story.


1001 journeys and an inspiration for life

Raised in the tension of a conservative-multicultural house he left for South Africa working on a farm with handicapped people. He has been a postman, tennis coach, baker, social worker, barpianist, music teacher. He dived with sharks, interviewed prisoners in Africa, travelled to 42 countries. He had all the shit: chronical desease, violence, terrible breakups, terrible relationships, terrible times alone. He had all the bliss: wonderful travels, meaningful relationships, great adventures, beautyful family, awesome job and many more. His greates fear is to leave this world with too many regrets. His greatest passion is to support other people in becoming the best version of themselves.

All the wounds that life hit me, the wounds that I was allowed to heal – as well as all the inspirations and wonders that I received as a present flow into my work as a musician and coach


Music! Piano und 11 waves





Hear and be heard: Coaching

In 2008 he discovered the work of Marshall Rosenberg (NV-Communication): ‘the purpose of life is to laugh all your laughter and to cry all your tears’. Fascinated by his ideas he became a NVC trainer. In 2009 he took Jazzpiano lessons with Ray Santisi (Berklee University) in Boston, USA. He set Florians’ path to follow his true passion. In 2015 he recorded his Album ’11 Waves’ (Label GLM) at the worldfamous Rainbow Studio, Oslo and toured through Germany ( “Mit ’11 Waves’, erschienen beim Münchner Label GLM, hat sich eine neue Stimme in der deutschen Jazz & Pop-Szene etabliert.” In 2018 he graduated in a holistic coaching course (clean language, systemic, NVC) with Klaus Karstädt, direst student of Marshall Rosenberg


Do. not regret. To be. Not will be.

One day I will leave this life behind and be able to speak: “what an awesome time!“.

And this is what makes my life so exciting and valuable:

It is you.

That is why I am a Coach. Because my life is filled, inspired and valuable when I accompany people to make their life full, inspired and valuable.

Florian Peters

| Trainer non-violent communication | Musician | Lawyer |

…become your own best version!


supporting his work some awesome people joined his way to live a free and meaningful life:

Beate Echtler

Beate Echtler

Voice and breathe teacher

Natural Voice Teacher

Trainer non-violent communication

Simone Straub

Simone Straub

Psychotherapist (HPG)


Trainer non-violent communication

Heart Speaking Trainer

Andrea Paoletti

Andrea Paoletti



Adi Parzl

Adi Parzl

Founder & CEO BayWing

Networker & Explorer

Stefan Stepanek

Stefan Stepanek

B2B Site Manager

Engineer und Sales Manager

Communication trainer

Dr. Jasmin Benser

Dr. Jasmin Benser

Trainer und Coach non-violent communication

Nutrition scientist